Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Literally a Literature Blog, Figuratively Speaking

This blog is the beginning of a few random things converging. One I need to make it for class, so it has eminent domain as far as reasons, but I had also considered commenting on the large amount of books that I go through each year, most of it Science Fiction and Fantasy. So hope to see more of each later. In the mean time I will be starting in on my posts for class.

What am I doing for class?
-Well, I am writing down my writing process, writing about writing, a very academic pursuit to be sure.

-So for the moment lets talk about my upcoming paper on Emily Dickinson. I will be writing about how Emily Dickinson pertains to the "New Media" blogs, youtube, etc... I am thinking that Emily Dickinson and the landscape of the mind go well with some of the music videos, etc... I am currently in pursuit of making this go a little further, so next stop, library.

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