Thursday, June 10, 2010

Emily Dickinson Conference

There is an upcoming conference on Emily Dickinson being hosted at Oxford University, by The Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS).  It will be hosted on August 6-8 this year.  I wish I could go, partly because I would love to be able to go to England, but also because I really do enjoy the work of Emily Dickinson.  Of all the poets, Emily Dickinson makes me feel poetic.  Her verse makes me feel like poetry is going to spill out of the world.

Anyway, the topic for the conference is "’were I Britain born’: Dickinson’s Transatlantic Connections.”  Since it is held by the EDIS it makes sense that it is about Emily Dickinson's poetry in an international sense.

The Topics Include:

Session 1:
British Connections I: Dickinson, Shakespeare, and Milton
British Connections II: Keats
British Connections III: Dickinson and the Brontës

Session 2:
Global Connections I: Dickinson in and out of Japan, Russia, and France
Dickinson, Nature, and God
British Connections IV: Dickinson and Emily Brontë

Session 3:
Dickinson and Class
Global Connections II: Dickinson in German and Polish Authors
Dickinson, Gender, and the Woman Writer

Session 4:
British Connections V: George Eliot Vol. I
Dickinson’s Isolation and Dissemination
Manuscripts I: Dickinson’s Manuscript Books
Traveling Feet: Dickinson’s Meter and the Lyric

Session 5:
Dickinson and the Arts I: "Imagination's Muse: Emily Dickinson as Creative Inspiration"
British Connections VII: Dickinson’s Imagery
British Connections VI: Solitude and Suffering
Archival Resources: “’Over the fence – I could climb’: Primary Sources for Dickinson Scholarship”

Session 6:
Dickinson and the Arts II: “Dickinson on Stage: A Roundtable Discussion”
Dickinson and the Self
British Connections VIII: George Eliot Vol. II.

Session 7:
Drama in Dickinson
Manuscripts II: “Dickinson in Pieces”
Dickinson in New England

Session 8:
British Connections IX: Dickinson’s Imagination and Words
British Connections X: Romantic and Religious Visions
Dickinson’s Signature: Questions of (Poetic) Identity

Session 9:
Dickinson’s Ethics and Poetics
Dickinson and the Question of Fame
British Connections XI: Dickinson and the Brownings

So Overall, it looks like a very full conference.  You can find a copy of the program here.

Andrew Morris


  1. It is clear why you are writing about Emily Dickinson because you are passionate of her writings. That is great and gives you your personal connection to the reason why you are writing about her in relation to the new forms of social media. By the way, does this conference relate in any way to the nuances of media? This conference seems like it would be a lot of fun and very intriguing.

  2. I think the seminar in the second session "Dickinson, Nature, and God" looks promising. If you could find out who's giving it, I bet he or she would be interested in discussing these in relation to the sublime.

    Also, sublimity seems to be about making spontaneous, psychological connections with nature,people, events, or ideas. So you could discuss this conference in reference to one of those. Maybe even discuss the sublime interconnectivity of the internet as enabling sublime expirience.

  3. Not sure that there is any new media connection Audrey as I think that most of scholarship is still resisting the idea, but the sublime is definitely possible in something like the session James specified.