Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Tulgey Wood: Krista's Blog

I will only be examining elements where I felt that Krista did an exceptional job in her Tulgey Wood Blog, or there needs to be improvement.

Overall the focus is good, however, there are a few posts in which she talks about the dangers of the internet and doesn't tie them back to her central theme of Peter Pan, but since she is discussing the dangers of the internet they are still mostly on focus with the idea of Peter Pan being a good analogy for the dangers of the internet.

Krista's main pages are directly in series to each other, and she does have a page linking them together, as well as a few discussions that she had had previously, however, I think a head page in which she showed the process of the her research, or at least what each of the blogs in the thinking process had been about that would have been helpful.

I don't see any explicit reference to how she attempted to get people outside of our class to participate in her blog, though we do get quite a bit of our class commenting and interacting.  I am sure that she made attempts to contact people in the outside world, I just wish that she had talked about that  a little more.

Krista does a very good job in her analysis.  She relates the issues of Peter Pan very well with the dangers of the internet and it is very obvious that she had put a lot of thought into it to get a clearly structured analysis.

I think we all forgot to appropriately cite where we got our images from.  While not necessarily a problem as our blogs are noncommercial and most people will not mind, for our next class, you should probably focus a little more on reminding people to cite where they got their images from.  The images overall were well relevant, but I thought that some of them that were just placed in the center of the post should have been formatted to have the text go around them to help maintain the flow of the post.

I thought that the side panel could have been added too.  I think it is very spare.  By having some of the side options fleshed out a little more it would make the sire seem less sparse.  (The fish are great, though, and for some reason fascinating to watch.) 

Krista did a great job of fleshing out her content.  Anyone who was reading her blog would feel more comfortable with the subject afterward, and she has provided quite a bit of good research to get them further down the road if they wished.

Overall, Krista did a great job of placing research into a blog setting.  Way to go Krista!

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